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Ressler & Ressler is a plaintiffs' litigation law firm with 60 years experience. Our clients rely on us to handle complex personal injury and commercial litigation throughout the country. Our partners have outstanding reputations, and impressive track records in a variety of landmark cases, resulting in a string of multi-million-dollar recoveries. What sets Ressler & Ressler apart from other plaintiffs' litigation law firms is our combined portfolio of both serious personal injury and complex commercial litigation matters. Unlike many firms that have expertise only in one of these areas, we have partners with extensive experience in both. This means that every client enjoys the quality representation they deserve whatever the issues involved.

Personal Injury/
Wrongful Death

Complex Commercial Litigation

Significant Cases:
  • Obstetrical Medical Malpractice
    $ 15,000,000

    Child suffered brain damage as a result of "high-forceps" delivery during birth.

  • Child Suffers Fractured Skull At Birth
    $ 7,000,000

    An infant born in a high-risk pregnancy was delivered with forceps instead of by caesarian section.

  • Failure To Diagnose Bowel Perforation
    $ 6,500,000

    A 46 year old woman underwent surgery for an ovarian cyst and during the procedure her bowel was perforated.

  • Unlawful Shooting by Security Guard
    $ 6,500,000

    Student rendered legally blind when shot by security guard who had past felony record and security failed to do background check.

  • Fall From Ladder
    $ 6,000,000

    The firm represented a 38 year old insulator apprentice who fell from a ladder while working on the construction of an office tower in Manhattan, suffering serious head injuries.  After obtaining summary judgment pursuant to Labor  Law §240(1), the case settled at mediation for $6,000,000, plus waiver of a worker's compensation lien of approximately $1,000,000.

  • Passenger on Ferry
    $ 5,000,000

    Passenger crushed to death in the Staten Island Ferry disaster crash.

  • Student Hiking Accident
    $ 4,675,000

    A thirteen year old girl was injured on a hiking trip with her school when she fell from a cliff on a mountain trail in upstate New York and sustained multiple fractures.

  • Motor Vehicle Rollover Accident
    $ 4,500,000

    A thirteen year old girl was injured on a hiking trip with her school when she fell from a cliff on a mountain trail in upstate New York and sustained multiple fractures.

  • Failure To Treat Infant's Infection
    $ 3,450,000

    A newborn was not provided with appropriate antibiotic therapy prenatally, or at birth, which caused him to develop serious infection at 10 days of age.

  • Iron Worker Falls From Skyscraper
    $ 3,000,000

    A 32 year old ironworker was killed when he fell from a skyscraper being erected in New York City.

  • Housewife Hit By Truck
    $ 3,000,000

    A 34 year old housewife standing on the sidewalk at the corner of an intersection in Bronx County, N.Y. was hit by a truck that came onto the sidewalk while making a right turn.

  • Settlement Reached in Consumer Fraud Class Action
    $ 2,800,000

    The Firm filed a class action against NVE Bank on behalf of its Certificate of Deposit holders,

  • Police Shooting
    $ 2,800,000

    The Firm represented a twenty-two year old man who was accidentally shot in the left eye by a friend, an off-duty New York City police officer.

  • Law Firm Gives Improper Advice To Real Estate Developer
    $ 2,750,000

    The firm represented a large real estate development company that sued the defendant law firm for failing to provide appropriate advice to the real estate development 

  • Commercial Lender; Fraudulent Conveyance Recovery
    $ 2,600,000

    The firm represented a commercial lender who was denied payment on its senior debt when the borrower/company was sold to insiders.  The sale had been approved by the insider-controlled board of directors, after competing third party bids were rejected.  The firm sued the insiders involved in the sale, asserting a claim for fraudulent conveyance, and the creditor received payment in full on its senior debt in the amount of approximately $2,600,000.

  • Settlement Reached In Class Action Against The Esmor Corporation
    $ 2,500,000

    The Firm filed a class action, known as the Brown Class Action, on behalf of certain illegal aliens seeking political asylum in the United States.

  • Failure To Properly Monitor Cardiac Patient
    $ 2,500,000

    A 49 year old Russian immigrant was admitted to a hospital and placed on a heart monitor.

  • Pedestrian Struck By A Van Near Construction Site
    $ 2,250,000

    The Firm brought a wrongful death action on behalf of a medical researcher from China, who was struck by a van as she crossed the street near a construction project.

  • Motor Vehicle Accident on a Flooded Roadway
    $ 2,060,000

    A 4 year old boy was a passenger in his mother's car which struck a puddle in the roadway causing the car to go out of control and collide with an oncoming truck.

  • Failure To Diagnose Colon Cancer
    $ 2,000,000

    A 68 year old retiree went to the hospital presenting with a cancerous tumor of his appendix.

  • Patient Died From Improper Intubation During Surgery
    $ 2,000,000

    The firm represented the family of a 36 year old woman who had suffered for many years with advanced rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Partial Collapse Of Abutting Supermarket During Construction Project
    $ 2,000,000

    The firm represented both the owner and the tenant of a supermarket premises that was damaged during the construction of an apartment building on real property abutting the supermarket.  Excavation for the apartment building's foundation caused a collapse of a portion of the supermarket's foundation, and the firm sued the owner of the abutting property, as well as the general contractor and three subcontractors involved for physical damage to the supermarket premises, as well as the supermarket's retail business.  The case settled at trial in the sum of $2,000,000.

  • Bicycle Rider Struck by Motor Vehicle
    $ 2,000,000

    Adult bike rider struck by car causing severe fractures to her pelvis and road burn as a result of being dragged under a car.

  • Plastic Surgery
    $ 2,000,000

    Patient died undergoing a "face lift" cosmetic surgery. Malpractice Action settled.

  • Pedestrian Loses Right Leg After Being Hit By Cement Truck
    $ 2,000,000

    A 64 year old woman crossing 2nd Avenue at 68th Street in Manhattan, was struck by a cement truck. As a result, she suffered the traumatic amputation of her right leg, above the knee. The case settled prior to trial for the full amount of insurance coverage.

  • Failure To Diagnose Infant at Birth
    $ 1,950,000

    A child was born in a hospital which failed to diagnose his congenital toxoplasmosis, despite one week in the neonatal intensive care unit where several abnormal test results were obtained.

  • Case Dismissed Due To Lawyer's Failure To Comply With Discovery
    $ 1,800,000

    A construction worker hired attorneys to represent him to recover damages for injuries sustained in an accident on the job.

  • Improper Caesarian Section
    $ 1,760,000

    A medical malpractice action in New Jersey in which a pregnant woman lapsed into a coma during childbirth when her obstetrician could not locate the source of her internal bleeding.

  • Misdiagnosis Of Breast Cancer
    $ 1,700,000

    Due to a 13 month delay in diagnosis, plaintiff's breast cancer spread to her lymph nodes,

  • Defectively Guarded Machinery
    $ 1,700,000

    A 60 year old maintenance worker cleaning the floor of a meat packing plant, had his left arm traumatically amputated by the unguarded blades of a meat grinding machine.

  • Failure to Properly Treat Asthma Attack Victim
    $ 1,600,000

    A 32 year old disabled woman, married, with one child, was admitted to Emergency Room due to asthma attack.

  • Motorist Killed By Drunk Driver
    $ 1,500,000

    A 33 year old businessman, married with three children, was on his way home from work when his motor vehicle was struck by another vehicle, which fled the scene.

  • Pedestrian Crossing Street
    $ 1,500,000

    Pedestrian struck by truck. Driver went through red traffic signal, striking pedestrian and causing severe fractures to her leg.

  • Child Suffers Erbs Palsey At Birth
    $ 1,500,000

    A child suffered nerve damage to his right shoulder and arm due to a traumatic delivery. As a result, the child suffers significant loss of function of his right arm.

  • Patient Lapses Into Coma And Then Dies After Childbirth
    $ 1,500,000

    A 30 year old disabled woman died shortly after child birth due to improper administration of anesthesia. She left two infant children.

  • Excessive Medication During Hospital Care
    $ 1,475,000

    A 67 year old man assaulted in a restaurant, then went to a hospital for treatment where he was given an excessive dose of procardia, a blood pressure medication, which put him into a coma.

  • Mother Bleeds To Death After Caesarian Section
    $ 1,475,000

    A 21 year old woman gave birth to her first child by caesarian section.

  • Steelworker Injured By Steel Beams
    $ 1,400,000

    The plaintiff and co-workers were unloading steel beams from a delivery truck when one of the beams fell off the truck and injured the plaintiff.

  • Failure To Diagnose Heart Condition After Surgery
    $ 1,250,000

    A 46 year old dialysis patient underwent heart valve surgery, however, he was discharged from the hospital before being diagnosed with pericardial effusion.

  • Failure To Diagnose Colon Cancer
    $ 1,250,000

    A 44 year old carpenter had been treated at a Municipal Hospital Clinic for a variety of ailments over the course of approximately 5 years.

  • Vaccine Claim Lost Due to Lawyer's Delay
    $ 1,250,000

    A child suffered a serious neurological reaction to a DPT vaccine and his family consulted an attorney for a possible medical malpractice case.

  • Hotel Guest Fell When Stairway Railing Broke Loose
    $ 1,250,000

    The plaintiff broker her right leg and needed surgery, but her disability was exacerbated because she had suffered polio as a child.

  • Maintenance Worker Injured In Elevator Accident
    $ 1,250,000

    Maintenance Worker Injured In Elevator Accident

  • Construction Worker Fell From Ladder
    $ 1,225,000

    A construction worker fell while descending a ladder, suffering a spinal fracture at T-12 which required a laminectomy.

  • Laborer in Warehouse Rendered Paraplegic
    $ 1,200,000

    Laborer was permanently injured when rice bags he was stacking fell on him.

  • Helicopter Crash
    $ 1,200,000

    A couple was killed on their honeymoon in Hawaii, while sightseeing in a helicopter that crashed into a volcano.

  • Pedestrian Struck By SUV
    $ 1,200,000

    A 44 year old nurse, while standing on the shoulder of a highway, next to her disabled car, was struck by a passing vehicle and was killed instantly.

  • Failure To Diagnose Embolism
    $ 1,200,000

    A 60 year old man, while hospitalized for a recurrence of colon cancer, developed an embolism and consequently lost a portion of his left leg.

  • Failure To Diagnose Ankle Fracture
    $ 1,200,000

    Failure To Diagnose Ankle Fracture

  • Bus Accident With Multiple Victims.
    $ 1,100,000

    A bus accident in New Jersey in which approximately forty people were injured and six were killed.

  • Loading Dock Accident
    $ 1,075,000

    A tractor-trailer, while backing up to make a delivery to a factory, pinned the plaintiff's head against the door frame of the factory loading dock.

  • Overprescribing and Oversupplying Narcotic Medication
    $ 1,050,000

    In a medical malpractice action in New Jersey, the firm sued a doctor and a pharmacy for overprescribing and oversupplying narcotic medication

  • FELA Case Against the Port Authority
    $ 1,000,000

    The Firm brought an action under FELA, on behalf of a trackman working for Port Authority of NY & NJ (PATH).

  • Improper Asthma Treatment
    $ 1,000,000

    A 51 year old housewife who suffered an asthma attack and died after she received improper resuscitation in a hospital emergency room.

  • Inadequate Asthma Treatment Leads To Asphyxiation
    $ 1,000,000

    A 60 year old housewife suffered an asthma attack and was rushed to a hospital emergency room.

  • Painter Fell From Scaffold
    $ 1,000,000

    Plaintiff was working on a scaffold attached to the front of a Buddhist Temple, which partially collapsed, causing him to fall to the sidewalk below.

  • Bank Messenger Struck By Hose From Construction Site
    $ 1,000,000

    Plaintiff was standing in a roadway next to a construction site preparing to make a delivery.

  • Fall In Elevator Shaft
    $ 1,000,000

    A 57 year old janitor working in a Manhattan office building opened an elevator shaft door, bypassing the safety interlocks and then walked into the unlit shaft.

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